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29 September 1792, Pitt County, North Carolina - Warranty Deed between John BUNTIN and Garldess BUNTIN (Deed Book N: 231).

This deed indicates that John BUNTIN was the father of Garldess (Geraldus) BUNTIN as well as the husband of Elsey AVRETT (Everett). It also indicates that James AVERITT (Everett) was the grandfather of Garldess (Geraldus) BUNTIN. The deed would seem to transfer Elsey's dower property to her eldest son, who was about age 1.

Previously, the name of the progenitor of this line has been believed to be Joseph (based on oral history) or Geraldus (based on an old family Bible). This deed would indicate that his name was actually John. The son Garldess (Geraldus) is the eldest known child to this family, born in 1791.

Please let me know your thoughts on my interpretation of this deed.

01 October 1792, Pitt County, North Carolina - Bill of Sale between John BUNTIN and James AVERET of Martin County (Deed Book M: 644).

James AVERET of Martin County was Elsey's father, John's father-in-law. This bill of sale was filed a couple of days after the previous warranty deed.

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